A Rat Rod Motorized Bike Repair


This motorized bike came in to a friends used bike shop. It didn’t run, and the chain barely ran on the sprocket properly, but I got it together in short order.

The motorized bike engine kit is a 66 cc Grubee Skyhawk GT-5. Never did like those Grubee motor kits because of the light duty chain and sprockets…but this one did come together nicely, and ran around 38 – 40 MPH.

It came with the offset intake, performance carb., and aftermarket filter. I personally don’t like this style of carb, but they do work if you get them set up right and keep them very clean. I’ve never noticed any performance hits when using the offset intake tubes, and this one was no different.

The exhaust was another matter on this motorized bike. Whoever had it before modded the exhaust by cutting the tubes inside the chamber and adding the “heat shield.” I left the shield in place…it also helped reduce the noise a bit.

  • BYB Motorized Rat Rod BYB Motorized Rat Rod Pretty nice looking bike, overall. Notice the exhaust. That was a DIY power mod.
  • BYB Motorized Rat Rod 2 BYB Motorized Rat Rod 2 A Grubee Skyhawk GT-5 66 cc with a light duty, (410,) chain.
  • BYB Motorized Rat Rod 3 BYB Motorized Rat Rod 3 Had to align the rear sprocket, adjust the chain idler, change plug, rebuild the carb, and put fresh gas in...
  • BYB Motorized Rat Rod 4 BYB Motorized Rat Rod 4 Other minor adjustments were - rear hub nuts, brake,and air in the tires...
  • BYB Motorized Rat Rod 5 BYB Motorized Rat Rod 5
  • BYB Motorized Rat Rod 6 BYB Motorized Rat Rod 6 You can see the offset intake and aftermarket air filter better here...