DD: Kit Transfer From One Bike To Another


DD found one helluva deal. $50 for a beach cruiser that was wore out, but the engine had very few miles on it, (hadn’t even wore out the rear tire the first time.) The head tube was cracked, the frame was weak and starting to crack in a few places. The rear hub was loose and needed new bearings…etc.

He already had the Mountain bike, but had to get a seat for it. The transfer went okay, except for the tight fit with the air filter box…but I did manage to get everything in place without having to order any extra parts.

The only bad part of this build was that when he came to pick up the bike, he brought a couch to trade for the labor because he noticed I didn’t have a couch in my living room…I DIDN’T WANT A COUCH IN MY LIVING ROOM!

Moral of the Story: Let me know if you need to do some horse trading to pay the labor…you may have something to trade I actually want or need.