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Topic: Welcome. Here's The Posting Rules
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Welcome. Here's The Posting Rules
on: September 26, 2015, 17:38

Welcome to the Alternative Transportation (ATOOK) forums. Soon you will be able to find all kinds of information…help, build tips, troubleshooting techniques, all kinds of stuff.

BUT, there are a few rules to follow…I know, rules, rules, rules. But I'm trying to keep these forums G-rated. I do have a few customers and fans that would rather not be seeing the cussing and porn that seems to permeate the internet… 😀

So Here's the rules:

1: NO FLAMING…and you trolls know who you are! We intend to help others and have PLEASANT discourse…discussions and debates are a good thing, don't get me wrong. But insulting and demeaning other members will get you banned quick! (My wife is more inclined to this, but I will ban you too.)

2: NO PROFANITY…well, I can't say much about this as I have a mouth like a sailor, BUT when I'm writing or posting I keep the profanity down to the occasional hell, or [email protected]#. As I said above, some of our members would rather not see that stuff.

3: POSTING PICS…I encourage you to post any pics you have that are appropriate to the forum you are posting in. AND there is a forum topic that allows for your pics of puppies, kitties, cars, or whatever you want to post. BUT AGAIN, NO PORN! My wife doesn't like it and she checks this forum as she is a moderator!

4: INTRODUCE YOURSELF…we would love to hear about you, your experience, interests, etc. You don't have to do this, but it is a great way of getting to know everyone that participates here.

5: POSTING LINKS: Feel free. But if you are posting in a topic about bikes, please keep the link bike related. If you want to show off your profiles, or a new website that isn't bike related, post it in the Odds-N-Ends topic.

6: HAVE FUN…that is what I created this for. Ask questions, give answers, input to conversations, connect with the other members. BUT THE BIGGEST RULE TO FOLLOW: BE NICE!

I’ve been building, repairing, and riding motorized bicycles and scooters for the last 8 years in Oklahoma City. They have been my primary form of transportation all these years and while I haven’t encountered every problem that could arise, I’ve seen enough to be able to repair almost anything that can go wrong.

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